We have many products in actual usage since 1994.
  SR No. Name   Description  
Show-Room + Service Dept. Management Software for Vehicle Dealers. This software can work for any Automobile Show Room.
  2Accounting S/w For Mercury  
Customized software developed for Mercury Labs Ltd., Vadodara with Department wise Expense Monitoring System.
Order,Shift Planning and Inventroy Control Software for Aluminium Extrusion Press, That Keeps Track of Best perfomance parameter for every die, and calculates Billet size for optimum output.
  5Consumable Goods Distributed System  
Complete Bill to Balance sheet software for FMCG Distributors including Rout Wise Booking, Statement and Loading Sheet. This software has unique three level inventory control.
Communication Organisation Program: COP puts every debate on paradigm shift in communication and its influence on productivity, to rest. Its cutting edge features connect to the new world, completementing this complex technology with unmached simplicity and versatillity. COP Functions on the fundamentals of the SMS technology. Yet, it is not just SMS tool but also an extremly versatile Communication Organiser that provides real time information using your data.. A program that is worth being called a productivity tool or simply, Communication Organiser Program
Send Bulk/Single Message through Computer
  8Customize Software  
Design and Devloped by their requirement.
Signature Retrival system for Banks and Share transfer Agents.
  10F.D. for Company  
Fixed Deposit Management for Companies.
  11F.D. Management  
Fixed Deposit Broker's Software.
  12FAS (Financial Account System)  
Simple Financial Accounting Softwaare with Budgetory Control System.
  13Hire and lease Accounting  
Software for Finance Companies gives different reports related to internal rate of returns, etc.
Hotel Management Software with Room Change and EPABX interface capabalities.
  15Inventory Control for Hosiery Ind.  
Production, Inventory Control and Billing System for Hosiery Manufacturer based on Holder Number Tracking System. This Software gives inventory in dozens or as box packing defined by user.
  16Master Drug (C&F)  
Software for Pharmaceutical Companies' C&F Agents. This Software provides full control over C&F Activities to the Company and provides all necessary information of individual C&F and Consolidated information of all C&F to the Company.
  17Master Drug (Company)  
Mini ERP Software for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company.
  18Master Drug (HO)  
Distribution, C&F, Inventory System with greate Control & Flexibility for Pharmaceutical Company.
  19Material Management System  
Customized Software done for Matsushita Lakhanpal Batteries which includes whole year business planning and purchase order scheduling system.
  20MultiCompany Accounting System  
Multi-company Multi-Division Accounting Software, including accounts receivable and payable.
  21Painkiller (Distributors)  
Dos base Bill to Balance Sheet Software for Pharmaceutical Distributors.
  22Painkiller (Stockist)  
Bill-to-Balance Sheet solution for Pharmaceutical stockist.
  23Painkiller Kid  
Bill-to-Balance Sheet solution for Pharmaceutical stockist with multi-branch capability.
Windows based software on SQL server platform. Bill-to-Balance Sheet solution for Pharmaceutical stockist for multi branch.
  26Payroll System  
Customize Software developed for Dahod Municiple Corporation.
Invoicing,Inventory and Reordering system for Medicine retailers.
  28Power Analyzer  
Real time data logging and monitoring software for Power Analyzer Equipment with Digital Meters, Analog Meters and Chart. This software works on RS232 Serial Communication.
Billing Software for Private Telephone Exchange. Works on RS232 Serial Communication.
  30Property Tax  
Customize Software developed for Dahod Municiple Corporation for Property Tax Calculation and Colletcion.
Invoice + Re-Ordering + Inventory System for Super Store.
  32Rental System  
Customize Software developed for Dahod Municiple Corporation for Property Rent Colletcion.
  33RTO WEB  
Software for Filling up Gov.Of. Gujarat Motor Vehicle Dept. Forms by Registered Vehicle Dealers The Vehicle dealers of Gujarat have to register their sales on http://rtoahmedabad-vahan.nic.in/xdealer/index.php site, Registration detail includes name of purchase; address; Engine No. chesssis no. of vehicle; financer details (if any); which comes to almost 46 fields. Specifically Engine No; Chessis No; Insurance Policy cover note no. etc. are Key fields; almost 17 digit long; they must be entered precisely. Upon Sumition of form; Dealer gets Owner Inward Number from Site; which can be used for reference in future. INFOSOFT has developed a software; to make this task easy and error-free, considering that Vehicle dealer does computerised billing; and almost all details required to populate on RTO site are available with him in electronic form. All that the dealer need is to provide data in .dbf file (or .xls or .mdb). Once data file is available; dealer has to logon to site with his id/password in software provided by INFOSOFT (not in internet explorer or any other browser). The software does role of browser; which takes data from data file; user can preview/edit form for minor corrections; and presses the submit button! Upon doing this; The Owner Inward Number given by site; will be updated in users database file!
  34School Management System  
Fees Collection, Students and Staff management Modules.
  35Spares Management System  
Customized Project done for Matsushita Lakhanpal Batteries.
  36SuperStore (Shop)-Dos  
Very compact and user friendly Billing and Inventory software which keeps strict record of rate variations and forces user to sell products at correct rate.
  37Superstore Management Software  
Windows based complete bil to balance sheet software for super store with inventory with raw and packed inventory levels.
  38Sweet Shop  
Invoicing and Inventory Control software for Sweet Factories / Dairy and Shops.
  39Tarot Card Game  
Know your future with our Chinese Tarot card Game.
  40Water Tax  
Customize Software developed for Dahod Municiple Corporation for Water Collection.
Windows base Bill to Balance Sheet Software for Pharmaceutical Distributors.

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