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Windows based software on SQL server platform. Bill-to-Balance Sheet solution for Pharmaceutical stockist for multi branch.
Capable of handling huge amount of data
RDBMS - Client Server Architacture
Log Reports for allmost all type of editing
Multi branch capability
V.P.N and Private Network Support for Branch Syncronization
Window based
Multibranch functunal;ity supported
Powerful user security with passward and previlegs
From bill to balance sheet
Fast,easy and accurate
GUI reporting
Correct rate calculation as perameter
Flexible discount applicability
Flexible sales return system
Flexible payment module
Delivery module for delivery of goods
Quota generation for mainiting inventories at branch level
Powerful MIS reporting with branch statastic
Programmable scheme application
On key stroke- product detail with inventories both at ho and branch
No need of indexing, posting or any process for ledger or annual accounts
Rate and margin checking while purchase entry
Billing operation on bach no as well as on product code also
Powerful inventory related report
Ideal tool to maximise profit

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