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Windows base Bill to Balance Sheet Software for Pharmaceutical Distributors.
Window based software
Fast document printing on DOT matrix printer like DOS printing
True on line from bill to balance sheet
Powerful user security
VAT ready
Tracking of product and party wise pending order
Automatic rate calculation from MRP as per margin available on product category
Programmable scheme application
Dynamic tax application-- In case of first sale -- on sale rate -- In case second sale on purchase rate
Credit note :- Rate calculation like sales-- CR note can be adjusted in invoice or against outstanding payment
Replacement :- MRP to MRP replacement
Special credit note and debit note facility
Tracking of claim on company
Flexible payment adjustment facility
On line information of pending order , due and over due outstanding
Interest calculation on over due out standing
Powerful MIS reporting
Facility to process field staff report through net
On RDBMS platform

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