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Communication Organisation Program: COP puts every debate on paradigm shift in communication and its influence on productivity, to rest. Its cutting edge features connect to the new world, completementing this complex technology with unmached simplicity and versatillity. COP Functions on the fundamentals of the SMS technology. Yet, it is not just SMS tool but also an extremly versatile Communication Organiser that provides real time information using your data.. A program that is worth being called a productivity tool or simply, Communication Organiser Program
Connects to any Industry Standard Database. This feature enables you to make your existing software SMS-Enabled. No need to change a line of your code
Connection wizard for setting connection between existing data and SMS Server. Saves time required for deployment
Allowing user to define a key word & writing a query for desired result. Because of this, intigration of SMS with your database can be done using existing queries of MIS report, just by copy-past operation
Multi-User Message Board Option.with Outgoing As well as Incoming Messages. This feature allows you to share one SIM across the organisation. Enables people of various department to keep in touch with outsiders. Can also be used to inform staff about meet
Capable for Sending 10 Messages Per Minute
Option for Concatinated Message ( I.e. 160+ character message can be sent ). This Big message appears as one message on user's mobile
Can Run on any of your existing PC, no need to put dedicated message server
Flexible Scheduled Messages with certain auto repeate options
Log Reports for Send/Receive/Delivered messages
Add-on Tool - SMTP Server available. Using this tool one can send e-mail message from his application which finally reachs receipient as SMS.
Off-line operation : When Gateway PC is down, Messages are still received in SIM Card of GSM Modem and proceesed when system Comes UP.
Data Insertion Query support Means Mobile User Can Send SMS like "ORDER Milk 100,Ghee 200" and two row gets inserted into table in appropreate fields.
Multiple Database + Multiple Server Connectivity.
SMS can be Sent and Received from Non-GSM Networks also.
No need to Have GPRS Connection.
Supports Call to Stored Procedure for more complex queries.

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