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Software for Filling up Gov.Of. Gujarat Motor Vehicle Dept. Forms by Registered Vehicle Dealers The Vehicle dealers of Gujarat have to register their sales on http://rtoahmedabad-vahan.nic.in/xdealer/index.php site, Registration detail includes name of purchase; address; Engine No. chesssis no. of vehicle; financer details (if any); which comes to almost 46 fields. Specifically Engine No; Chessis No; Insurance Policy cover note no. etc. are Key fields; almost 17 digit long; they must be entered precisely. Upon Sumition of form; Dealer gets Owner Inward Number from Site; which can be used for reference in future. INFOSOFT has developed a software; to make this task easy and error-free, considering that Vehicle dealer does computerised billing; and almost all details required to populate on RTO site are available with him in electronic form. All that the dealer need is to provide data in .dbf file (or .xls or .mdb). Once data file is available; dealer has to logon to site with his id/password in software provided by INFOSOFT (not in internet explorer or any other browser). The software does role of browser; which takes data from data file; user can preview/edit form for minor corrections; and presses the submit button! Upon doing this; The Owner Inward Number given by site; will be updated in users database file!
Upload From DBF or Excel File
Allows to Edit Values on Web Form After Auto Upload
Value Mapping for All fields having DropDown Selection. So that values spelled differently on RTO and Your Software can be match
Saves INWARD Number after submiting form in the source file
Bypasses the Disclaimer Screen so as to Save Time

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